DJ Café Pig : Proper Songs In Different Tongues Mixtape

The biggest Hooter in Holland, DJ Café Pig, presents a mix of favourite songs from all over the place.

Café Pig is an occasional night taking place the more ‘proper’ venues of historical Amsterdam. The night focuses on proper songs from live acts and various people who drop in to spin/click.

1. The Hip Hop Raskals 'What’s My Name?'
2. Yamasuki 'Yama Yama'
3. Balogh Kalman & Romano Kokalo 'Hallja Maga Kend'
4. Collage 'Üheskoos'
5. U NYABELE 'U Nopeni No Ipakama'
6. Daniel Schell 'Piume Al Vento'
7. Helio Matheus 'Eu Reu Me Condeno'
8. Salma Algha 'Come Closer'
9. Cocteau Twins 'Dark Months'
10. Poloroid 'Roman Photo'

Dj Café Pig's Proper Songs In Different Tongues by Proper Songs on Mixcloud