The Woo!Worths : Q&A

Woolworths maybe long gone, (or is it?) but from Brighton come the impossibly punctuated The Woo!Worths.

PS: Tell us about yourselves and what you're up to.
We're a band who aim to produce, harmony-heavy, and dance floor-friendly music. There's three of us and we write together collaboratively. We've been playing shows, rehearsing, writing and developing our sound. We've got lots of ideas between us so it's a case of giving each song time to come together as well as creating an interesting mix of sounds, textures and subject matter - people seem to be into it so far so that's nice. There will be some new songs on myface soon and we want to release our first proper CD this summer. Hopefully with the help of a small label. We're always developing and it's hard to keep up sometimes!.

PS: How did you meet and start playing together?
Rich - We met in Woolworths next to the green flash and frog wellies.
Steve - That's the short version...Rich & I met as members of another band Frock who disbanded back in 2005. Rich has always been a songsmith and got me in to play guitar on some demos he was doing. We ended up forming the band around these songs and the name came from a photo I had taken of a broken Woolworths sign in Brighton.
We had a very different sound when we started but after a while our drummer quit so to keep things going quickly, we thought we'd try the electronic route as a duo instead of looking for another drummer.

We met Jo via the Brighton music scene I guess.......

Jo - We played this charity gig a couple of years ago and I've been whistling their quirky 'earworms' ever since so didn't have to think twice when they asked me to join.

Yeah, when we decided to recruit a third person, Jo was the perfect candidate. We asked and she said yes. Three is better than two for sure!

PS: You've a diverse mix of sounds. Who influenced you most?
Steve - For me, I'm most influenced by music which has a strong sense of identity & individuality. Not mentioning any specific bands because that can lead to direct comparisons.
Rich - Faulty Towers, The A-team, and Lovejoy.
Steve - We've been compared to Depeche Mode, Orange Juice, New Order, Talking Heads and Hot Chip so far but I don't think we really sound like any of them particularly. It's a melting pot.

PS: How does being from Brighton, Belgium and London affect the dynamic of the band?
Rich - we don't spend Christmas together.
Jo - I don't always get their jokes (but maybe that's got nothing to do with nationalities...)

PS: Give us a top 5 of something.
Steve - My top five Hitchcock films - 1: Strangers on a Train, 2: Rear Window, 3: Vertigo, 4: North by Northwest, 5: Psycho
Rich - Top 5 Onomatopoeia - 1. Woof 2. Meow 3. Tick Tock 4. Cockadoodledoo 5. Doh!
Jo - Top 5 songs that have a woman's name for the title: Alice (Sisters of Mercy), Caroline (MC Solaar), Jolene (Dolly Parton), Rosemary (Scott Walker), Melody (Serge Gainsbourg).