Crystal Stilts : Alight Of Night

The wet dream of a moody 80s teenager, New York's Crystal Stilts have their debut album 'Alight Of Night' given a UK release by Angular Recordings. Haphazard 6Ts girl group influenced garage rock meets nonchalant, sombre vocals, resulting in an amalgamation of Jesus & The Mary Chain, Velvet Underground, The Cure and Joy Division. Detached introspection rules, with vocals buried deep in the mix of trashy guitars, elastic band bass and not-played-by-a-drummer-really drums. Blessed with the ability to write catchy pop songs and then destroy them, Crystal Stilts satisfy without appearing too bothered about it. Brilliant.

Download 'Crystal Stilts' from NME.com.

Buy the album on import at Amazon or get the UK version from Angular on the 16th of February.