Banjo Or Freakout : Q&A

Alessio Natalizia is the man behind Banjo Or Freakout, a lo-fi tour-de-force of bedroom produced songs. He's been making waves with a run of downloads and now a debut 7" single, which includes a DFA approved cover of LCD Soundsystem's 'Someone Great'.

PS: Tell everyone a bit about yourself and what you're up to.
I'm Alessio. I'm Italian but have been living in London for a year now. I get bored very easily and try to fight boredom making music in my bedroom, which makes my flatmates hate me. I love noodles and hate crickets. I had my single launch last night and I feel terribly tired now.

PS: Your recording process is very immediate. How does it affect your writing and performance?
I believe first ideas are best ideas and first takes are first takes. It makes the whole thing easier for me but also more interesting and spontaneous.

PS: How does the Banjo Or Freakout experience transfer to playing live?
Banjo live is a bit different. There's also another guy (Daniel) on stage with me and more equipment. We play lots of drums and I think it all sounds louder and more noisy. I'd love to play some quiet stuff too but I don't feel comfy enough on stage yet and quiet stuff is difficult to play so I'll save that for when I'll get more relaxed on stage.

PS: Is there a song you would love to cover but wouldn't dare?
I've been thinking about this a lot. I'm dying to record some Beach Boys covers but I'm sure they would 99% sound shit so I'm trying to force myself not to do it.

PS: Your autobiography will be called....?
Banjo or Creep out.

PS: Give us a Top 5 of something.
Top potato: The Vivaldi white potatoes (so creamy you can mash them without butter).
Top smoothie: Banana possibly with crushed ice inside.
Top fruit: Mango.
Top hoodie: The purple one someone nicked last night.
Top guitar pedal: My Ibanez Mostrortion.

There are lots of tracks to download on Banjo Or Freakout's blog including Everything Fast EP and covers of Sonic Youth, Radiohead and Vampire Weekend.

Buy 'Mr No/Someone Great' at Rough Trade.

Upcoming gigs:
27th Jan @ The Borderline, London
27th Feb @ The Dome, London