Alternative Twenty Ten Mix

While I was compiling the obligatory end of year mix, I started to lose interest as it looked pretty much the same as everyone else's list. So this concentrates on some of the less hyped/popular music that made 2010 a pleasure.

And certainly no fucking Arcade Fire.

1. Cults 'Oh My God'
2. Sam Amidon 'How Come That Blood'
3. ARMS 'Heat & Hot Water'
4. Wild Nothing 'Chinatown'
5. Evan Voytas 'Our Thing'
6. Baths 'Lovely Bloodflow'
7. Yawn 'Toys'
8. Javelin 'Oh! Centra'
9. Pursuit Grooves 'Shabaps'
10. Vondelpark 'California Analog Dream'
11. Korallreven 'The Truest Faith'
12. Gala Drop 'Drop'
13. Arp 'Catch Wave'
14. Botany 'Feeling Today'
15. Seahawks 'High Tides'
16. Raw Moans 'Rose Bath' (Moon Remix)