Mako Sica : Dual Horizon

If you ever catch yourself thinking "I just don't freak out hard enough these days" then Chicago's Mako Sica are the band to flip your crazy switch. Recorded completely live without overdubs, their far out debut album 'Dual Horizon' is released courtesy of La Société Expéditionnaire, limited to 250 LPs. Exploring punk, jazz, avant-gard, drone, chanting, noise and psychedelia - often at the same time - opening track of three 'I'Itoi' (named for a mythological Native American god who lives in a mountain cave and watches over the desert) sets out the band's agenda for dark, ever evolving experimentalism. If you make it through to the other side the full 40 minute cycle of the album is your next journey to take, released 16th February.

Mako Sica 'I'Itoi'.

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