Teeth Mountain : Q&A

Teeth Mountain on the tour bus

Instrumental trance-rock behemoth Teeth Mountain beam us The Answers (and a photograph) direct from their tour bus, which appears to be somewhere on the outer reaches of reality.

PS. Tell everyone a bit about yourselves.
Kate is dreaming in the hammock at the back of the bus. Greg Fox is reading Cosmic Trigger volume III and wondering what I'm doing. Greg St. Pierre is drifting out on his video zone for tonite. Max is listening to a portable CD player, I can't tell if it has anti-skip or not, lets hope for his sake it does. Andrew Burt is checking out maps and researching Birmingham, Alabama where we're headed now, he's a human compass. Bernie is eating chips, now and forever. I (Justin) just fixed my sunglasses with some duct tape and sticks, so far so good, but when we hit bumps they get sort of fucked.

PS. How's the tour going with Dan Deacon and Future Islands?
Dan, Future Islands, Chester, Steff, Mabson, Bennyventure, Ray Roy, Denny Dagger and the bus/eagle ager guys all make for a serious crew. We've been burning through cities. Our bus is sketchy, but this dude Jeff rules it. Right now we're in the south and heading west to the best tacos in the world.

PS. How did you all meet and start playing together?
We met in clown town and started jamming under the space titty? We wrote the whole back story about 1989 Denton, Texas, the Manic Messiahs, Kings Club backroom, time travel, super Vacations, Quantum leap baltimore mid 90s shit and then the kool bus internet fuzzed out and my netzone got fucked. Family of Love.

PS. What are some of the influences of your sound?
All of existence and non existence, which are not separate things. The effect that vibration has on air molecules, and how those effected molecules can influence the nervous system of a gathered group of entities. Conquering the Black Iron Prison, breaking out of the rigid logic of Aristotle, deafening the chalice of groups who meet in secret and plot our transformation into a slave consciousness. The milky way galaxy is our home, Earth is where we currently "are" in "time" and "space". The taco that can be told is not the eternal taco.

PS. Give us a top five of something.
Top 5 things:
1 - "Taco zone"
2 - "Joose Bros"
3 - "Dick Zoz"
4 - "Powder them nuss"
5 - "Titty Head"

Top 4 awesome things about the bus we're currently on:
1 - Hammocks
2 - runs on veggie oil
3 - has Internet. Alabama --> London digi connection, wifi world order
4 - kicthen (Grateful Dead poster, igloo, kombucha bucket)

Top 3 show playlist moments:
1 - All of Philly singing along to Sublime - "Santeria"
2 - All of Philly singing along to System of a Down "Chop Suey"
3 - The lady in Knoxville yelling at us to start because "this song sucks"

Top 2 theoretical bands:
1 - Bases Loaded
2 - Grind Staph

Top 1 end of show song played by Mabson:
1 - Seal "Kiss from a Rose"

At the moment Juno seems to be the easiest place to buy 'Teeth Mountain' on vinyl or MP3.