Line : Q&A

Q. Tell everyone a bit about yourself and what you're up to.
I'm quite tall. Got a beard. I'm more upbeat than you might think from
the album... I'm eating spaghetti hoops. Musically I'm doing some gigs
around and about to support the album, getting a live band together,
and I'm starting to think about the next record. It's gonna be a bit
more tropical I think. Oh, and I've just finished a remix for
Fischerspooner that should be out before too long I think.

Q. What are the influences behind the album? Are you happy with it?
I suppose what I'm tried to do is combine the things I love about
electronic music, especially proper techno and electro, with... proper
songs. I don't think I'm breaking new ground with what I do but I
think there's a little patch of ground between those two things that
not many people were standing on. From the electro side Radioactive
Man's first album remains a constant source of inspiration and the
song side of things I guess someone like Bill Callaghan.... both of
those guys' music is both tender and tough in equal measures, and I
love that. Obviously if you assess my music as being halfway between
those guys' it's a big failure but that's where I'd like it to be

Q. How does being a solo act differ to being in a band? Which do you prefer?
I don't think I could ever do just one or the other now. Being solo at
the moment is definitely easier, simply from the point of view of
logistics, and it's nice to have the final say on everything. But I've
always loved playing with other people, especially if they're better
than me. I'm getting a band together to try and do some of the songs
in a different way. Should be interesting.

Q. What sparked the Line musical direction? Did you have an electro epiphany?
I think if I was going to name one person who was responsible for Line
then it would be my late friend Joe Snow, aka Ikkyo Mahl aka Buyuk
Mabet aka all sorts of other names. A lot of the sounds and the
philosophy I use come from him really.... he showed me that simple
electronic music can have emotion and depth to it. He was an amazing
guy, I miss him loads.

Q. Give us a top 5 of something.
Top 5 cheeses
1. Wigmore
2. Dovedale
3. Stilton
4. Lanark Blue
5. Proper Brie

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