Line : Hearts

Only a few artists, such as Hot Chip and Matthew Dear in recent years, manage to successfully bridge the gap between stark electronics and traditional pop songwriting; Line joins them with 'Hearts'. This is the debut solo album by Nottingham's Neil 'Line' Wells, although he has long been producing music either in Escapologists or assisting his friends Seachange and Savoy Grand. After pursuing a growing love of techno, 'Hearts' is the culmination of several years of honing melancholic musings and indie inspired electro into an accomplished and settled sound. Tracks such as 'Go Let It Out' and '1228' stand up as songs in their own right but when coupled with leftfield production and 8-bit electronic sounds they take on a new life. Add Wells raw, honest vocals and the result is a striking album of lost pop anthems. A triumph.

Download '1228'.

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Upcoming gigs:
6th Feb @ Liars Club, Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham
14th Feb @ Ginglik, London
5th Mar @ Islington Academy w/ Crazy P, Shock Defeat, Slutty Fringe DJs