Woolly Jumpers

French label Wool Recordings are releasing 'Woolly Jumpers', their first compilation album.

1. Dave Bixby 'Drug Song'
2. Connan Mockasin 'It's Choade My Dear'
3. Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez 'Me And Roman'
4. A Classic Education 'Terrible Day'
5. Wolf People 'Cotton Strands'
6. Laetitia Sadier 'Statues' (Wool Recordings version)
7. Franklin 'Love Is Beautiful'
8. Le Volume Courbe 'This & That'
9. Junkboy 'Present'
10. Luther Russell '1st & Main'
11. Peter Broderick 'Man On The Bridge'
12. Suddenly Sunshine 'Summer Days'
13. Sarabeth Tucek 'Shadows'
14. Double U 'Ouah'
15. Castanets 'Pretty Little Eyes'
16. Light Pollution 'Drunk Kids'
17. Montag 'Luminaire'
18. The Big Eyes Family Players 'Donkeys Disturbed By A Meteor Shower'

Laetitia Sadier 'Statues'

More at wool-recordings.com.