Mutual Benefit : Spider Heaven

Inspired by parks, basements and attics in rural Ohio; the newest release by Mutual Benefits aka Jordan Lee is 'Spider Heaven'. His off kilter pop songs are backed by a wide variety of sounds including homemade electronics, banjo, expired bacon bits percussion and overambitious harmonies. 'Spider Heaven' is available digitally now and on home made cassette from 12th October on his own DIY label Kassette Klub.

'Desert Island Feeling'

Spider Heaven
1. Piano Experiments in an Abandoned Hospital
2. Desert Island Feeling
3. Synsually Synthesized
4. Moonville Tunnel
5. Golden Path (unavailable)
6. Golden Path (all right)
7. Here
8. No Mundo da Lua
9. Drifting
10. Nite Bike

More at kassetteklub.com.