Bear In Heaven : Ultimate Satisfaction (The Field Remix)

With remixes by artists including Studio, High Places, The Field, Justin K. Broadrick (a.k.a. Jesu), The Hundred In The Hands, Twin Shadow; Bear In Heaven's 'Beast Rest Forth Mouth' remix album sounds very tasty. The UK-exclusive album will be released on August 23rd.

1. Beast In Peace (The Hundred In The Hands Beast In Beat Remix)
2. Lovesick Teenagers (Twin Shadow Remix)
3. Ultimate Satisfaction (The Field Remix)
4. Wholehearted Mess (Pink Skull Remix)
5. Fake Out (BRAHMS Remix)
6. Drug A Wheel (High Places Remix)
7. Deafening Love (Deru Remix)
8. Dust Cloud (Justin K. Broadrick Remix)
9. You Do You (Studio Remix)
10. Casual Goodbye (Epstein's Galloping Gertie Remix)

Bear In Heaven 'Ultimate Satisfaction' (The Field Remix)

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