Lost Idol : Guest Mix

A few words about the mix....
“When asked to put together a mix for Proper Songs I felt it right to do just that – haphazardly throw together a selection of songs in the traditional sense of the word, i.e. conventionally structured pieces of music with lyrics, verses, choruses, ends & beginnings. These are all songs that have inspired me over the last year or so & for different reasons too. The Chap kick things off appropriately with ‘Proper Rock’ – an eccentric, chunky-chorded ode to girls & clubbing that properly rocks. Elsewhere there are moments of true beauty, with Talk Talk’s ‘I Believe In You’ surely being one of the most gloriously reflective songs in existence, & The Beach Boys’ ‘Until I Die’ undoubtedly the most heartbreaking song Brian Wilson has ever put his pen to. Later in the mix Animal Collective bring a nugget of contemporary psychedelia that fires straight into the cosmos while Clouddead pull off that rare trick of making the abstract surprisingly accessible. If you’re of an age where friends made you mixtapes & vice-versa when you were young, then this is exactly that - a collection & sharing of songs which I love & wish to pass on to you; proper songs of love, death, girls, dogs & clubbing.”

Selected & mixed by Lost Idol May 2010

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