Memories Live Longer Than Dreams

A selection of tracks designed for an afternoon nap.

1. Mazzy Star 'Before I Sleep'
2. The Cardigans 'Laika'
3. The Acorn 'Lullaby (Mountain)'
4. The Bees 'Sky Holds The Sun'
5. Yo La Tengo 'Green Arrow'
6. Benge '1975 Moog Polymoog'
7. Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek 'Homecoming'
8. Sylvain Chauveau 'Ma Contribution Á L'industrie Phonographique'
9. Jóhannsson, Jóhann 'Karen Byr Til Engil'
10. Eric Peters 'Space Service'
11. Helios 'Hollie'
12. Leyland Kirby 'Memories Live Longer Than Dreams'
13. Sharon Van Etten 'Some Dream'
14. North Sea Radio Orchestra 'Guitar Minature #2'
15. Found 'Banjo Tricks'
16. Shocking Pinks 'Wake Up'
17. Broadcast & The Focus Group 'You Must Wake'
18. Miguel Atwood Ferguson & Carlos Nino 'High Heavenly'
19. Remember Remember 'Up In A Blue Light'
20. Daedelus 'Fin De Siéclee'