Freschard : Q&A

One listen to 'Who The World Belongs To' in the newest podcast is all it takes to be spellbound by the sound of Clemence Freschard. Proper Songs stole a few moments ahead of her UK tour with Wave Pictures and reissue of 'Click Click' on vinyl.

PS: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you're up to.
I was born in French Burgundy. I've been living in Berlin for 5 years. I play music and record other people music. The last few weeks I've been playing drums everyday and I hope I will become a very good drummer. I've been trying to learn Spanish the last few weeks too but I'm only able to order beer and say my name so far. I hope I will speak like a local one day.

PS: 'Who The World Belongs To' is a lovely song, what inspired it?
When I lived in NYC I didn't speak English at all at the beginning. Lucas, my friend and English teacher spent many hours trying to make me hear the difference between pirates and parrots. I guess that's what started this song. It was just in my head. For the rest I like to keep the meaning of my songs secret to let people hear what they want to hear. It spoils the pleasure when you know what a song is really about.

PS: Tell us about your upcoming tour.
I'm going on tour with The Wave Pictures and Stanley Brinks for a month. They are my favorite people to hang out with on Earth as well as my favorite musicians and songwriters, which make me very happy about the idea of being on the road with all of them. They're the best company, I laugh so much when I'm with them. We'll travel all around Germany and England. I can't wait.

PS: What is it about calypso that interests you? (Freschard is in a Calypso group called Kreuzberg Museum)
I'm crazy about the songwriting and the spontaneity of the calypsonians from the 30's. Their voices, the stories they tell, the intensity of their words and their energy. It's direct. I don't like the recent calypso, not even from the 50's. I'm just crazy about the first recordings.

PS: Give us a top 5 of something.
1. Red wine
2. Bourbon
3. Cafe con Baileys
4. Krupnik
5. Car bomb

'Click Click' will be released on vinyl through Conky. A UK tour kicks off in Newcastle on 16th October.