The Beach Boys : End Of The Summer

This collection of tracks was put together for my good friend Sativo from btglondon.com as a long overdue introduction to a side of The Beach Boys that most people are unaware of - but is also my personal favourite. Mostly taken from their later albums - post Pet Sounds - it focuses on their more experimental work led by genius Brian Wilson. It also includes a few rare and unreleased versions of songs that non-obsessive Beach Boy fans probably won't know.

The Beach Boys : End Of The Summer by Proper Songs on Mixcloud

1. Celebrate The News
2. Its About Time
3. Little Bird
4. Wonderful
5. Slip On Through
6. Feel Flows
7. Surf's Up
8. Child Is The Father Of The Man
9. Cool, Cool Water
10. Vega-Tables
11. Roll Plymouth Rock
12. Diamond Head
13. Mrs O'Leary's Cow
14. Can't Wait Too Long
15. We're Together Again
16. I Went To Sleep
17. Let Him Run Wild (Instrumental)
18. All I Wanna Do
19. God Only Knows
20. 'Til I Die

Recommended Listening:
Sunflower + Surf's Up
Friends + 20/20
Smiley Smile + Wild Honey
Good Vibrations Box Set