Toro Y Moi : Q&A

With a recent 12" through Savant Guard, a October 7" and two albums in 2010 on Carpark Records, the prolific Toro Y Moi's ear bending combination of dreampop/lo-fi/indie/electronics will be gratefully unavoidable in the year to come.

PS: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you're up to.
Well...I'm twenty-two, I live in Columbia, South Carolina and I'm a dog person. I'm currently working on my first label release and getting ready for tour. And on top of that I'm doing freelance design jobs and trying to move into a new apartment...I'm kinda going crazy.

PS: How did you get started making music?
I started playing piano (and hated the lessons) when I was 8, started guitar in 7th grade and started playing in bands when I was in 9th grade.

PS: What's the difference in the two albums you have coming out next year? Does the forthcoming 7" represent both?
For the first one, it's going to sound more dreamy/poppy/new wave and the second one is more traditional instruments and more lo-fi and guitar based. Yes, the 7" is a hint of what's to come.

PS: Since graduating, has music become your main interest over graphic design? Are you involved in the look of your own releases?
I've kind of put design on hold, I'm still doing designs for my releases and other people's releases but yeah, I'm not really trying to shop my design work out at the moment. School sort of made me tired of design, I still love it though.

PS: Give us a top 5 of something.
Top favorite dogs:
5. Pointer
4. Black lab
3. Boston bulldog
2. Boxer
1. PUG

Download 'Timed Pleasure'.

'Blessa' b/w '109' is out on 7" on 6th October through Carpark Records.