Internet Forever : Q&A

Internet Forever are heating up the...err...Internet (and beyond!)...with their lo-fi, one take fuzz pop and agreed to a little email banter with Proper Songs.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourselves and what you're up to?
We started making music sometimes in real life and sometimes via the Internet less than a year ago. It was meant to be a brief project but when we put songs up on Myspace people started really liking them and writing about them on their blogs so we ran with it. At the moment we're playing some shows in the UK. We have a seven inch coming out on Art Fag in America soon, and we're doing a split tape with Sexbeat in the UK.

Q: How did you meet and why did you decide to start playing together?
Me and Heartbeeps knew each other from The Internet and mutually admired each other's music. Then one day he commented on my blog saying 'I want to start a band called Internet Forever' and I said, 'Can I be in it?'. The next weekend I went to meet him and we wrote a song (3D). We wrote a few more songs and gig offers started to come in. We realised we didn't know how to play any of our songs so we got Christopher in to help us! Now he is a key part of the songwriting process as well.

Q: What's your ethos when recording?
We didn't really know anything about recording so we just recorded into the inbuilt mic on various macs and used Garageband to put it all together. Unfortunately we are not cool enough to have done it on an old tape 4 track, which is what people seem to assume. Initially it was all about getting things done quickly because we were desperate to put things online to hear what people thought of them. Now we are learning and refining our techniques and are training ourselves to be less concerned with instant gratification. We used an actual microphone last time, seriously.

Q: What makes a perfect pop song?
It sounds cliched but basically I think you have to keep the chords you use and the structure really simple. Always repeat the chorus at the end and always write about something boring that people can relate to, like being dumped or getting it on.

Q: Give us a top 5 of something.
Top 5 Top 5's when you Google 'Top 5':

5: Top 5 innovation killers
4: Top 5 Internet priorites
3: Top 5 websites
2: Top 5 best complaint letters
1: Top 5 laziest inventions

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