The Juan MacLean: The Future Will Come

Blimey, it's the Human League! No, it's The Juan MacLean with their second album on DFA! 'The Future Will Come' is tighter and more focused than their 2005 debut 'Less Than Human' as the best bits of disco, techno and 80s new wave meet - in a not dissimilar way to Matthew Dear's Asa Breed album. That magic combination and the vocal sparring of John MacLean and Nancy Whang is the essence of The Juan MacLean sound - man and machine working in a strange but beautiful union of movement. They manage to evade the pitfall most "dance music" artists fall into by remembering to write some proper songs too. 'One Day' could well be the aforementioned Human League and there is even space for the drum devoid 'Human Disaster' before the epic album closer 'Happy House' - a true classic.

The Juan Maclean - "One Day" from Patrick Longstreth on Vimeo.

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