PS: Tell us a bit about yourself and where you are.
I'm Ben, GHOSTS is pretty much just me. I'm sitting in a library in Sheffield. I have a habit of moving from one place to another without telling anybody. If you write to me then I will send you a cassette tape and some photocopied paper, I like this immediate/archaic way of doing things.

PS: When did you start making music as GHOSTS and what prompted you?
I have always been making tapes and CDRs in different bedrooms under weird names, but last January I decided to make songs with words which could be recited before a crowd of people. GHOSTS was born around then, somewhere in France. I needed a way to tell stories and to overcome silence.

PS: Talk us through the process of creating a song. What inspires you?
Songs exist in my head for a long, long time before they're recorded. I'm always trying to record things whenever I have the space, but this can be a slow process. I use a combination of cassette recorders, a four-track machine, and a laptop to make things happen. I'm inspired by adventures, spooky forests, my BMX, and whatever or whoever may be around me. I also tend to steal sound ideas from the 'Welcome Nowhere' record by Thanksgiving.

PS: Which other artists would you recommend checking out?
Lucky Dragons are coming over here really soon, which I'm excited about. You should also check out Urgent Talk, they're making Sheffield sound interesting again.

PS: Give us a top 5 of something.
Top five Nirvanas.
5. About a Girl
4. Dumb
3. Blew
2. Sliver
1. Drain You

Upcoming gigs:
11th Mar @ The Stockroom, Sheffield
29th Jun @ The Winchester, Bournemouth