Sonicflyer : Q&A

Sonicflyer hail from deepest Siberia, which isn't the first place you'd expect to produce a 90s indie loving band. Brother and sister Yulia and Dima formed Sonicflyer influenced by early Verve and Oasis videos shown on a local pirate TV station, before moving to London to "follow the dream". Their densely layered, escapist sound sonically references Chapterhouse, My Bloody Valentine and Ride but transports it into the 21st century.

Proper Songs had a quick chat with the band.

PS: Tell everyone a bit about yourselves and what you're up to.
Yulia: SonicYulia. I play the guitar, sing and see bats over my head when I get drunk.
Dima: I'm SonicDima, I play drums.
Rye: I'm SonicRyer, I think bass - (not very original I know).
Andrew: I'm SonicAK, Guitar and BVs.
We're currently in the studio recording a couple of new tracks that should be available for listening delectation (is that a word?) very soon.

PS: You say you're influenced by bands of the 90s, what is it about the music of that decade you find most interesting?
Dima: I think it's all about Brit-pop music of the 90s. Oasis, Stone Roses, The Verve.
Rye: It was good. The 90's are largely seen as the golden age of modern indie bands. From heavyweights like Oasis, Supergrass, The Verve and Blur through to the less well known such as Elastica - even the less well known bands were producing some top music and albums.
Andrew: The fact that it's just about due a revival!

PS: We're nearly at the point where a 00s club night is viable, what would you say the sound of the 00s is, if there is one?
Yulia: I cant say I was completely blown away by any band of the `00s, but I can mention some though: The Strokes, The Stills, The Rifles.
Rye: I don't know. The 00's sound is probably made up of parts from all the preceding decades. There's definitely a big 80's electro influence and early 90's rave too. Slick production techniques have definitely improved this decade. I wouldn't say that the qualitative quantity of 00's bands is quite as good as the 90's (personally I think 60's as the musics most productive decade) but it definitely has its fans.
Andrew: A bit like the 80's but not as tacky and a lot more indie schmindy. Been some good bands emerge in the last 4 years though.

PS: Sonicflyer are best listened to while...
Yulia: while you`re on a plane I guess, or in a car :-)
Dima. While you can see dancing foxes and flying bats.
Rye: Can't really better Dima's answer to this one.

PS: Who would play each of you in the Sonicflyer rockumentary?
Dima. Er...
Rye: Clint Eastwood would be my preference. I think AK would be played by Don King!
Andrew: I was thinking George Clooney but Don King is more realistic and much cooler. Yulia could be played by Suzi Quatro's grand-daughter, In fact maybe they are the same person!
Yulia: I think, Dima could easily play Rye and Rye could play Dima, they look alike.

PS: Give us a Top 5 of something.
Rye : Last 5 songs that my iPod played on random this morning:
1. Dali's Car - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
2. Hold Up - The Raconteurs
3. Tears of a Clown - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
4. Jesus gave Love Away for Free - Manassas (Stephen Stills)
5. Calendars & Clocks - The Coral

Upcoming gigs:
15th Jan @ Barfly Camden
23rd Jan @ The Enterprise
3rd Feb @ Bardens Boudoir
12th Mar @ Purple Turtle