Antarctica Takes It! : Q&A

Originally self-released in 2006, How Does It Feel released Antarctica Takes It!'s brilliant debut album 'The Penguin League' last year. Recorded at home through the internal mic on singer Dylan's laptop, its a warm rush of lo-fi pop genius part inspired by explorer Dr. Samuel Silverstein who is also responsible for the album's cover photo and sleevenotes.

PS: Tell everyone a bit about yourself and what you're up to.
My name is Dylan, I write and record songs with my friends in Antarctica Takes It. I'm currently living in Santa Cruz CA working as a substitute teacher.

PS: What moved you to start writing songs and how long did it take before you thought you should perform?
I always liked the idea of having a song I could call my own. That was probably the initial reason. Also, seeing my friends perform at house shows and open mics was very encouraging. I think it took about half a year or so before I felt confident enough to play my own songs in front of people.

PS: You recorded the album through your laptop's internal mic, was it an instant success or was there a lot of experimentation?
The beauty of recording an album yourself is that you can experiment endlessly until you find the right sound for each song. I usually have some vague idea about what I think'll sound nice, but honestly it's a mystery until I start recording. It's a trial and error process, like, does this song call for a horn part? Strings? Percussion? Let's find out...

PS: Are there plans for a second album?
Definitely. I've started recording some of the songs I've written over the last year. The theme of the new album is going to be about inadequacy and self-doubt and trying to overcome them. I'm hoping to release it this spring or early summer.

PS: Which came first, the penguin or the egg?
I've recently taken to making over-easy eggs on sourdough bread with avocado slices, shredded cheese, and a little olive oil. It gets a little messy but I HIGHLY recommend it.

PS: Give us a Top 5 of something.
Top 5 Early Punk/Power-Pop Songs
Teen Line - The Shivvers
Road Runner - The Modern Lovers
Teenage Kicks - The Undertones
X-Offender - Blondie
I Like Girls - Gary Valentine

Download Circuits, I'm No Lover and Antarctica from the band's Last.FM page.

Buy 'The Penguin League' at Amazon.