Washed Out : Q & A

This second interview with an upcoming artist from Columbia (which may or may not have been inspired by recent posts on Gorilla vs Bear - credit where credit's due eh?) is with Washed Out. Occuping a similarly lo-fi, experimental, indie/electronic world, there's a whole lot going on and it sounds incredible.

PS: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you're up to.
My name is Ernest Greene, and while I claim Columbia, SC (where I was in school for the past few years) I currently live at home with my parents in rural Georgia.

PS: How and why did you start out making music?
I grew up playing music with friends, but only recently (in the past few years) started writing songs on my own. It's definitely something creative that I feel is more productive than a lot of other hobbies.

PS: There are a wide range of sounds in your music - from West Coast pop to European disco to Chicago house - what's your biggest influence?
That's pretty hard to answer because my interests change from day-to-day (thanks Internet!), but I can say that I seem to gravitate towards D.I.Y. musicians who sort of mirror my own work-flow, guys like R. Stevie Moore, Ariel Pink and Dan Snaith who pretty much do everything themselves.

PS: "Melancholic" is one of my favourite words. How do you pull off sad and funky at the same time in music?
I've tried to write up-beat "poppy" songs but they never seem to work. I'm definitely a pretty introspective person, I write/record alone so I guess it seems to come out "melancholic" naturally.

It probably has a lot to do with my writing style, as well. Out of necessity, I record my vocals via multitracking so I'll normally start off with a normal, straightforward melody and then start adding layers of weird harmonies.

Maybe the key to that "poppy" sound would be to leave out the harmonies ;)

PS: Give us a top 5 of something.
Favorite Summer Activities in Columbia, SC:
1. Tubin'
2. Rope Swingin'
3. Night Swimmin'
4. Ladder Golfin'
5. Bike Ridin'

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